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Eespere, Rene
Rene Eespere. Concerto ritornello. Flute concerto. Viola concerto
Code: AE 31.9129
Price: 12.90 EUR
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Eespere, Rene
Rene Eespere: Concertatus celatus
Talliner Kammerorchester
Code: AE 31.9226
Price: 12.90 EUR
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Eller, Heino
Heino Eller (cd)
Symphonic Pieces
Code: FRC 0020
Price: 13.70 EUR
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Grigorjeva, Galina;   Sumera, Lepo
Estonian Composers III (CD)
Hortus Musicus. Andres Mustonen, artistic director
Code: ER ERCD045
Price: 12.90 EUR
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Kangro, Raimo
Displays (2 cd)
Raimo Kangro-composer
Code: EMIK 006-007
Price: 15.90 EUR
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Kapp, Artur
Artur Kapp - Symphonic Works (cd)
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, cond. by Arvo Volmer
Code: EE CD40
Price: 12.50 EUR
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Kaumann, Tõnis;   Steiner, Timo;   Aints, Tauno;   Siimer, Mart;   Kotta, Kerri;   Kõrver, Kristjan;   Jürgens, Liis;   Krigul, Ülo
Estonian Composers IV (CD)
Estonian Music Days 2002
Code: ER ERCD046
Price: 12.90 EUR
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Steiner, Timo
The Clouds will disturb (CD)
Code: ERR ERRCD006
Price: 10.70 EUR
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Sumera, Lepo;   Tubin, Eduard;   Eller, Heino;   Pärt, Arvo
Precious moments in the concert hall (CD)
Code: AR ERCD059
Price: 10.70 EUR
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Estonian Ballads (2 cd's)
Code: FRC 0067/2
Price: 17.50 EUR
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Tormis,Veljo;   Eespere, Rene;   Tulev, Toivo;   Sumera, Lepo;   Mägi, Ester;   Kangro, Raimo;   Tamberg, Eino
EStonian Composers I (CD)
Estonian Contemporary Classics
Code: ER ERCD031
Price: 12.90 EUR
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Tubin, Eduard;   Sumera, Lepo;   Tüür, Erkki-Sven;   Pärt, Arvo;   Tormis,Veljo;   Eller, Heino;   Tobias, Rudolf
100 Years Estonian Symphony (2cd)
Estonian Natinal Symphony Orchestra, Estonian Radio Chamber Orchestra
Code: ERP 604
Price: 22.70 EUR
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Tulev, Toivo
Be lost in the Call (CD)
NYYD Ensemble, cond. O. Elts
Code: ER 047
Price: 15.00 EUR
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Tüür, Erkki-Sven;   Grigorjeva, Galina
Estonian Composers V (CD)
Hortus Musicus/Tüür/Grigorjeva
Code: ERR ERRCD0005
Price: 8.60 EUR
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W. A. Mozart
Mozart/Vavilov/ERSO (CD)
Code: ERR ERRCD0001
Price: 10.70 EUR
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